Corporate Philosophy


The goal of ARS EMENDI is to achieve success through excellence: Constantly securing the company's profitability, ensuring high employee satisfaction and working in a constructive and cooperative relationship with our clients. For us, success is the certainty of providing our clients with first-class services that inspire them.

The spirit of partnership is at the bottom of all our thoughts and actions

Our clients’ satisfaction motivates our actions. We want our clients to feel that we make more of an effort than others and that we are a reliable partner. The interaction among our staff is characterized by fair, open, and social behaviour. It is built on mutual respect, trust, and the willingness to help each other.

We are willing to learn and orient ourselves worldwide

We live in a complex world with growing dependencies and interactions. New developments and challenges often take on global significance. Therefore, we constantly monitor and analyse relevant new developments and trends in order to identify and exploit opportunities for the benefit of our clients.

We realize innovative ideas

We have the courage and knowledge to challenge traditional practices by seeking improvements, using our imagination and overcoming supposed constraints. Our clients benefit from our openness as well as our ability to realize new and innovative solutions.

We provide exemplary services

Our work is associated with a high standard of quality. We want to do justice to this at all levels: In the development and implementation of our purchasing and consulting services as well as in cooperation with colleagues, partners and clients.

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